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1, Starting time 7.00pm

2, Dark out at 10.30pm this must be adhered to.

3, Late teams automatically lose first set after 20min absent. Teams more than 30min late forfeit the match.

4, Finish at all venues is 10.30pm, the service game in progress at the time is to be completed and then play is to cease. Dark out is to be written on the unfinished sets/games, the winner will be calculated on the sets and games played.


1, Teams receiving forfeits shall score maximum points to nil if entered on the score sheet. It is the home team’s responsibility to notify the score secretary of the forfeit. Failure to submit a score sheet within 6 days of the round will result in all match points awarded to the away team regardless of who forfeited the match.

2, In the event of a wash out a score sheets must be submitted to the score secretary by the home team stating a wash out. Failure to submit a score sheet within 6 days of the round will result in all match points awarded to the away team.

3, In the event of wet weather, the home court wet weather contact is to phone the home team captains who will then advise the respective team members and the captain of the opposition team.


1, Score sheets must be filled in completely, both team names, date, all players names and must be signed by both captains. Points penalties for incomplete score sheets may apply.

2, Late score sheet; If the score sheet is not received by the score secretary within 6 days of the round, the opposition team will receive 8 points, irrespective of the nights results.



1, Matches will be decided on sets. If equal sets, results will be decided on games.

2, Two (2) points awarded per win on night, and one (1) point per set won.

3, For a wash out or draw, each team will receive 4 points.

4, In the event of a wash out once a match has commenced points will be awarded for sets played and shared accordingly for incomplete sets, unless team has unbeatable lead.


1, Players considered by the committee to be playing a division below their standard will incur point’s loss for games won by their team.

2, Home teams are responsible for the preparation of the courts, prior to 7.00pm.

3, The Westernport Night Tennis Inc has adopted the Tennis Australia Member By-Law Protection Policy. Viewable on the Tennis Victoria website

4, The consumption of alcohol on the tennis court is strictly prohibited. Players found guilty of consuming alcohol on the court will be liable for suspension.

5, Monday and Tuesday night competition teams can consist of up to six players, three men & three ladies for mixed and up to six men for men’s doubles. Players must complete each set started, player are not to be swapped during a set. Score sheets must be completed with all names before the match commences.

6, The nights match will consist of 6 sets, each set will be a 6 game set with tie-break. The format of play is 1 set of men's doubles, 1 set of Ladies doubles and 4 set of mixed. the highest ranked player will play as number one on the score sheet and decreasing in rank to number 4. 

 7, It is permissible to substitute a female player as a male player, permitting the substitute players ranking is consistent or lower than the team grading.

8, All players must be a financial member of a club and have a current Tennis Vic registration number.


1, Ball money is $7.00 per game per player

2, Captains are responsible for the collecting and checking the ball money prior to the game commencing.


1f, Players shall have played 2 qualifying matches before being eligible to play in finals.

2f, A tie-break set will decide all finals in the event of a tie. Tie-break pair is to be nominated on the back of the score sheet prior to the commencement of the match.

3f, If a team requires emergency for finals and has no qualified players, the captain of the team must submit three (3) name of possible replacement within 24 hours to the night tennis committee. The committee will select a suitable player from that list or may appoint a player. Less than 24hrs may incur a forfeit.

4f, All team members must present themselves at the venue of semi-finals and grand finals in the event of a washout a score sheet is to be completed and marked washout then submitted to the score secretary.

5f, During the finals period only, teams can play six player teams, three female & three male or any variant of the same. The third players must have completed minimum three games for that team to qualify. All set are to be completed by each player. Exchanging players in an active set is prohibited. Score sheets must be filled in prior to commencement of match. 

6f, If the semi-finals are washed out the top teams go into the grand finals.

7f, If the grand finals are washed out, then the following week will be used. If that week is washed out then the top team will be considered the winners



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